Author: chun'er In these five years, there is no day that I don't miss my children. No matter how hard I try to let myself forget, but I will always be in a moment, a touch, let me tears. I like boys. I always think that boys are easier to raise. I like naughty little boys. I know I'm a little woman. And proud of it. Later, I had a son. I have a child who really belongs to me. I gave my son a name - stink. The days with children are happy. The happiness that every child brings to parents is priceless, eternal and real. Now when I think back to the time when I was with the stink, I can still feel the tenderness from the bottom of my heart. It's a kind of gentleness that makes steel melt. Remember, when I was born, the stink was so small and ugly. The red skin is wrinkled. Like a little old lady. I dare not even touch him and dare not hold him. He kept crying. Cry when hungry, cry when thirsty, cry when pulling, cry when peeing. It took me a long time to realize that all his expressions were just these. So I began to learn how to be a qualified mother. As a new mother, I suddenly grew up as if I had a responsibility. Because this small life can survive only by me, he will feel safe only in my arms, will sleep quietly, will stop crying. I look at my children happily and sincerely thank God for giving me such a beautiful elf.